Ultrasound Workshop

Ultrasound has come to stay: What’s not to like about an easy, instant bedside scanning tool that can give you essential information for diagnosing a stable as well as critical patient!?
At EMSS17 you will have a hands-on emergency medicine ultrasound workshop. To prepare, please read the short introduction document and watch the 5 videos (links the document and on this page). Also, go have a look at the two pocket cards guiding you though purpose, window and what to look for for each of the 5 scanning views.



- Ultrasound pocket cards: Please review the pocket guides.

- Introduction to ultrasound: Document with short introduction to ultrasound.

- Videos: 5 videos showing you the different relevant ultrasound views and probe positions.

Please note: All pocket cards can be downloaded. At EMSS17 you will receive a printed copy of the pocket cards as well.

Ultrasound pocket cards (click to enlarge – download link below):

EMSS17 - Ultrasound Workshop - Pocket card page 1

EMSS17 - Ultrasound Workshop - Pocket card page 2DOWNLOAD EMSS17 – Ultrasound Workshop – Pocket cards (pdf)

Introduction to ultrasound:

DOWNLOAD EMSS17 – Ultrasound Workshop – Introduction to Ultrasound (pdf)
Document introducing you to ultrasound.

Videos showing you the different probe positions and views.

Anterior thoracic view:

Subxiphoid view:

Hepato-renal view:

Spleno-renal view:

Pelvic view: