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Tickets & Prices

EMSS17 ticket can be bought on this page.
Please be sure to read the terms and conditions on this page prior to buying a ticket.
Further details can be found on the practical information page and the FAQ page.

The early bird ticket price is 399 € (approximately 3000 DKK or 425 USD), if you buy the ticket before the 1st of May.
If you purchase your ticket after the 1st of May the price will be 450€ (approximately 3350 DKK or 480 USD).

The ticket includes the following
– Access to all workshops/lectures at EMSS17
– Accommodation
– Breakfast, lunch and dinner
– Several different social activities and events

Only 50 tickets will be available in total. ALL TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT
Please sign up for the waiting list here if you would like to be contacted if tickets become available.

Social Events

More information about the many different social events will follow in the news feeds and in the programme. Some social events will have the opportunity to purchase extra commodities and during some social events, dinner may be at your own expense. Further details will be added.

Refunds & Cancellations

You can cancel your booking by contacting us. Note that we have the following refund policy:

All refunds are deducted a transaction fee of 20€.
– Full refund before the 1st of July
– Partial refund of 299€ after the 1st of July
– Two weeks before EMSS17, the 15th of July there is a limited refund option of 100€.

In the unlikely event that EMSS17 is cancelled we offer a full refund of tickets deducted a transaction fee of 20€.
All refunds go through PayPal.

EMSS17 does not accept any liability for any losses you may experience due to a complete cancellation of the event. This includes, but is not limited to, flight tickets, accommodation etc.

Terms & Conditions

EMSS17 does not accept any liability for any loss or damage to you or your properties associated with your attendance at the event.

Changes in the programme may occur.