Non-Technical Skills Workshop

We want to give high quality treatment to our patients. That’s why we study and practice – we want to be good at diagnostics, treatment and interventions. But successful task performance requires not only technical skills, e.g. medical knowledge and clinical skills – it also requires non-technical skills.

It has been shown that 80 % of adverse events are results of ’human errors’. Errors, which arise from human factors such as lack of non-technical skills. But what are these non-technical skills that can help us avoid ‘human errors’?

Non-technical skills (NTS) encompasses both intrapersonal skills such as decision making and situation awareness and interpersonal skills such as teamwork, leadership and communication. In anaesthesia, ANTS – Anaesthetists’ Non-Technical Skills – was developed as a behavioral marker system to measure and improve the non-technical skills amongst anaesthetists.

We have created four pocket cards for you based on ANTS and ANTS-dk (see references on this page). It is important that you study them as preparation for the summer school. You don’t need to read the references – the pocket cards have everything in short form – but we can only recommend that you look at them when you have time: Non-technical skills are essential for patient safety :-)

We have created a little video of a cardiac arrest scenario. Watch it and see how the non-technical skills are applied in the clinical work and how they improve teamwork and treatment. During the workshop you will watch two more scenarios, but at that time, you will be the one analyzing the videos and finding good examples of non-technical skills as well as situations where the team could improve. 

Furthermore, you should watch the video of Martin Bromiley telling the story of what was ”Just a Routine Operation” on this page. 
You will be touched – and motivated to improve your non-technical skills at EMSS17!

See you at Non-Technical Skills workshop at EMSS17!

Please note: All pocket cards can be downloaded. At EMSS17 you will receive a printed copy of the pocket cards as well.



Non-Technical Skills pocket cards (click to enlarge – download link below):

EMSS17 - Non-Technical Skills - Pocket card 1 Situation Awareness

EMSS17 - Non-Technical Skills - Pocket card 2 Decision making

EMSS17 - Non-Technical Skills - Pocket card 3 Teamwork

EMSS17 - Non-Technical Skills - Pocket card 4 Leadership

DOWNLOAD EMSS17 – Non-Technical Skills – Pocket cards (pdf)

Cardiac arrest scenario video:

“Just a routine operation” video:

Video by Martin Bromiley, available from the Clinical Human Factors Group YouTube-channel.

University of Aberdeen: Anaesthetists’ Non-Technical Skills (ANTS) System Handbook v1.0 – pdf available from the Industrial Psychology Research Centre at the University of Aberdeen here

Anaesthesiologists’ Non-Technical Skills in Denmark (ANTSdk) – pdf available from the Copenhagen Academy for Medical Education and Simulation here.