Electrolytes workshop

Here you will find all you need to prepare for the Electrolytes workshop at EMSS17.
We strongly encourage you to review the course material before arriving at EMSS17.


Pocket guides: Pocket guides describing the treatment of hyper-/hypokalemia and hyper-/hyponatremia. Please review the pocket guides.

Abbreviation list: List of the abbreviations used in the pocket guides.

Electrolyte disturbances presentation: This presentation serves as an introduction to the four electrolyte disturbances covered, including causes, symptoms and clinical findings. Also includes a quick run-through of the pocket guides.

Please note: All pocket-guides can be downloaded. At EMSS17 you will receive a printed copy of the pocket-guides as well.

Electrolytes pocket guides (click to enlarge – download link below):

EMSS17 - Electrolyte workshop - Potassium pocket guide

EMSS17 - Electrolyte workshop - Sodium pocket guide

DOWNLOAD EMSS17 – Electrolyte workshop – Pocket guides (pdf)

Abbreviations list:
- ABCDE: airway, breathing, circulation, disability, exposure assessment
- AVPU: awake, voice, pain, unresponsive assessment
- CaCl: calcium chloride
- ECG: electrocardiogram
- GCS: Glasgow Coma Scale assessment
- IV: intravenous
- NaCl: sodium chloride
- PO: per os; oral administration
- PR: per rectum; rectal administration
- SIADH: syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion
Download list here (pdf)

Electrolyte disturbances presentation:

Download slides here (pdf)