ECG Workshop

On this page, you will find what you need to prepare for the ECG workshop at EMSS17.
These materials were made by our amazing fellows from Sweden, SWESEMjr.

- Videos: SWESEMjr have prepared 6 awesome videos taking you through the ECG essentials. Make a cup of coffee, lean back and learn everything you need to know about ECGs!

- Pocket guide: Algorithm guiding you through ECG interpration.

- ECG Essentials lecture notes: Lecture notes for the videos.

- References: References for the materials provided above.

All pocket guides can be downloaded. At EMSS17 you will receive a printed copy of the pocket guides as well.

ECG ESSENTIALS – A lecture series by SWESEMjr

Part I: Physiology behind the ECG

Part II: Ischemia and ventricular strain

Part III.I: Arrhythmias I – Supraventricular arrythmias & AV-block

Part III.II: Arrhythmias II – Re-entry tachycardia & ventricular arrythmias

Part IV: Criteria in ECG diagnosis – Bundle branch block, fascicular block, enlarged atria, ventricular hypertrophy

Part V: Electrolyte Disturbances & Medication Overdoses

ECG pocket guide (click to enlarge – download link below):

EMSS17 - ECG Workshop - Pocket guide page 1

EMSS17 - ECG Workshop - Pocket guide page 2

DOWNLOAD EMSS17 – ECG Workshop – Pocket guide (pdf)

ECG ESSENTIALS – Lecture notes:
Lecture notes for the ECG Essentials video series.

Part I – Physiology behind the ECG (pdf)

Part II – Ischemia & Ventricular Strain (pdf)

Part III – Arrhythmias (pdf)

Part IV – Criteria (pdf)

Part V – Electrolytes, Medications & Pacemakers (pdf)

References (pdf)