Bleeding Patients

At this page you will find all you need to be well-prepared for the Bleeding Patients workshop at EMSS17.
We strongly encourage you to review the course material before arriving at EMSS17.


- Pocket guide: A pocket guide with the most essential information that we will use during the workshop and simulations.

- Abbreviations list: List of abbreviations used in the pocket guide.

Background reading: Document containing the necessary background knowledge for the topic.

Further reading/watching:

- Bleeding patients video lecture: Video lecture further elaborating on the topic (for the interested participant).

Paper: “How I treat patients with massive hemorrhage” by Johansson et al., Blood 2014. Freely available here.

The further reading/watching materials are not mandatory – they are provided for participants especially interested in the topic.

Please note: All pocket-guides can be downloaded. At EMSS17 you will receive a printed copy of the pocket-guides as well.

Bleeding patients pocket guide (click to enlarge – download link below):

EMSS17 - Bleeding Patients - Pocket guide page 1

EMSS17 - Bleeding Patients - Pocket guide page 2

DOWNLOAD EMSS17 – Bleeding Patients – Pocket guide (pdf)

List of abbreviations used in the pocket guide (download pdf):

Cryo: Cryoprecipitate, blood product made from plasma that contains a higher concentration of coagulation factors, including fibrinogen.
FF MA: The TEG variable “functional fibrinogen maximum amplitude”, which measures fibrinogen contribution to total clot strength.
FFP: Fresh frozen plasma.
Hb: Hemoglobin.
Hrs: Hours.
Ly30: The TEG variable “Lysis 30”, the percentage of clot that has been dissolved by fibrinolysis 30 minutes after the analysis reached the maximum amplitude (MA).
MA: The TEG variable “maximum amplitude”, which measures total clot strength.
R: The TEG variable “R”, the reaction time, which measures clot initiation.
RBCs: Red blood cells (erythrocyte suspension).
TEG: Thrombelastography.
TXA: Tranexamic acid.

Background reading:
This document contains the necessary background knowledge for the workshop. Please read prior to EMSS17. Everything in the pocket guide – and more – is explained in this document.
DOWNLOAD EMSS17 – Bleeding Patients – Background reading (pdf)

Video lecture: (further watching)
Dr. Jakob Stensballe, MD, PhD, anaesthesiologist and bleeding expert lectures about the treatment of bleeding patients. This video was originally recorded for EMSS15 and is provided here as further watching (not mandatory) for the interested participants prior to the summer school. It provides additional details on the topic.

The primary sources for the course materials for this workshop are the “How I treat patients with massive hemorrhage” article by Johansson et al. from Blood 2014 (link), the pocket folder about the treatment with blood components from the Capital Region of Denmark (link – in Danish) and the Danish National Clinical Recommendation regarding indications for transfusion with blood components (link – in Danish).