About Us

What is EMSS and who are we?


EMSS17 will be an eight day long experience lasting from sunday to sunday with social excursions around wonderful Copenhagen alongside the factual sessions.

EMSS17 will focus on minimizing standardized reading-intensive learning, and strive to maximize learning by using simulation and in-depth hands-on teaching. The goal is to give med-students from all over the world a look at how we do emergency medicine in Denmark, and our succesful hands-on simulation based training.

Participants will be housed at Herlev Gymnasium, a high school just a short walk from Northern Europe’s largest simulation center CAMES: Copenhagen Academy for Medical Education and Simulation, situated at the topmost floor at Herlev Hospital, the tallest building in Denmark. The majority of the course will take place at CAMES. The high school is also within walking distance of the local train station with quick transit time (20 min) to the center of Copenhagen. Bus transport will be provided between the Herlev Gymnasium to social activities around Copenhagen. 


SATS – the Students’ Society for Anaesthesiology and Traumatology – in Copenhagen is a group of medical students at University of Copenhagen interested in anesthesiology, traumatology, and emergency medicine. We are a volunteer group of students with passion and drive to create the most exciting academic and social events for fellow medical students.

SATS was founded in 1999 and has since then worked to improve education and training in anesthesiology, traumatology as well as emergency medicine. In these 18 years, SATS has grown considerably, and our activities include several high-quality seminars, workshops and conferences.

Though, we are all volunteers, we pride ourselves on creating high-quality education, and we have high ambitions and the drive to see it through.

Want to sponsor EMSS?

We appreciate all the help we can get. If your organization/company is interested in sponsoring and/or being present at the event, please contact us for further information, protocol information, budget and how we can present you in the best way.