ABCDE Workshop

At this page you will find all you need to be well-prepared for the ABCDE workshop at EMSS17.
We strongly encourage you to review the course material before arriving at EMSS17.


- ABCDE, GCS/AVPU and ISBAR pocket-guides: Please review the pocket guides.

- Abbreviation list: List of the abbreviations used in the pocket guide.

- ABCDE demonstration video: The video is a short introduction to the ABCDE assessment approach (originally made for EMSS15) and is an example of how the assessment can be made.

ABCDE podcast: A brief podcast about the ABCDE assessment, how and when to use it. 

- Further reading: Introduction and additional information about the ABCDE assessment approach by the Resuscitation Council UK can be found here. An additional article describing the ABCDE approach by Thim and colleagues can be found here.

Please note: All pocket-guides can be downloaded. At EMSS17 you will receive a printed copy of the pocket-guides as well.

ABCDE pocket guide (click to enlarge – download link below):
ABCDE pocket guide




 Abbreviations list:
ABCDE: Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Disability and Exposure
AVPU: Alert, Vocal, Pain, Unresponsive
GCS: Glagow Coma Scale
ISBAR: Identify/Identification, Situation, Background, Assessment and Recommendation ABG: Arterial blood gas
SpO2: Oxygen saturation.
IV/IO access: Intravenous / intraosseous access
ECHO: Echocardiography
FAST: Focused assessment with sonography for trauma
FATE: Focus Assessed Transthoracic Echocardiography
Download list here 

Demonstration video:
See how ABCDE is used in practice:

By Ravn A, Grand J, Holgersen M and Viggers S (originally made for EMSS15)

ABCDE Podcast

ABCDE Podcast image

Podcast about the ABCDE assessment – how and when to use it, with paramedic Thomas Lynge Andersen.